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“I am already getting traffic to my web site through the Twin City Times’ Digital Edition. What a great service this is to your advertisers. Thanks.”

Philip Daigle, President
Home Conceptions, Inc.

“The Twin City Times is everywhere.  Rare is the location in Auburn or Lewiston that doesn’t have a stack or vending box offering this paper. When one of our services or staff is mentioned inside its pages, lots of people mention the coverage. The Twin City Times is an effective avenue for reaching our audience. We appreciate the Twin City Times and its local coverage very much.”

Russ Donahue, Director of Marketing
Sisters of Charity Health Systems

“Lewiston-Auburn Physical Therapy advertises with The Twin City Times because we get results and the advertising staff is professional, timely and responsive. The ad designs are of the highest quality, with attractive graphics and layouts that really get noticed. We feel like our business really matters to the Twin City Times and our advertising dollar goes a long way. We would recommend Twin City Times to any small business owner.”

Emily Estes,
Lewiston-Auburn Physical Therapy

“I believe Twin City Times has gone above and beyond the call! The ads are first rate, the Sales reps are not only up to speed but are friendly and frequent their advertisers! I have had a first rate experience with Peter, Laurie, Cat Burtis and the rest of the ad staff! PLEASE, FEEL FREE to use them with confidence! Any questions, call me personally!”

Tom Benway,
Victory Lane Quick Oil Change

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